The National Center for Earth and Environmental Nanotechnology Infrastructure (NanoEarth) participated in the first Spring 2023 Hokie for a Day on February 1. The Virginia Tech (VT) Center for Educational Networks and Impacts (CENI) hosts this series of events at the Moss Arts Center biannually. Hokie for a Day introduces fifth graders to life on a college campus, interesting careers, and campus organizations. NanoEarth conducted experiments showing real world applications of nanotechnology with 50 fifth graders and 5 chaperones from Belview Elementary School. NanoEarth’s Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Sylvianne Velasquez and VT Animal and Poultry Science Undergrad Aniyah Cooke led students through three hands-on nano demonstrations. Students compared regular fabric to water-resistant nano fabric, magnetized ferrofluid and dollar bills, and felt dry nano sand submerged in water. They received NanoEarth stickers and Cornell Nanoscale Facility’s (CNF) Nanooze magazines to read at home.