Mitsuhiro Murayama

, Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests:
Nanoscale materials characterization using analytical transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) techniques.


Linsey Marr

Deputy Director
Charles P. Lunsford Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests:
Quantifying sources, transformations, and fate of pollutants in the atmosphere, including engineered nanomaterials. Applying these same approaches to study viruses and airborne transmission of infectious disease.

ecantando pic

Michael F. Hochella, Jr.

Director of User Development
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Geosciences

Research Interests:
Elucidating the role that nanoscience and mineral surface geochemistry/ biogeochemistry plays in major aspects of the earth sciences, including especially environmental issues and biogeochemical cycling of the elements.

ecantando pic

Elizabeth Cantando

NanoEarth Instrument Specialist

NanoEarth Role:
Direct user interaction, technical expertise with sample preparation and electron microscopy.


Matthew Hull

Associate Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program Manager, ICTAS

NanoEarth Role:
Interfaces with industrial users, established Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship Challenge (NTEC), serves as NanoEarth's entrepreneur-in-residence.


Weinan Leng

Laboratory Director
Senior Research Associate NCFL

NanoEarth Role:
Management of VTSuN Laboratory, technical expertise with Raman, AFM, DLS, HPLC, and UV-Vis.

mccartney pic

Stephen McCartney

NCFL Instrument Specialist

Primary Role:
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Micrscopy (TEM), Atomic Force Micrscopy (AFM), Microtoming.

michel pic

F. Marc Michel

Technical Assoc. Director
Associate Professor,

Division Leader, Nanoscience

Research Interests: Understanding how the atomic structure of nanosized and nanostructured materials, both natural and synthetic, relate to their physicochemical properties, reactivity, stability, and transformations and how these factors influence their roles in environmental systems.

amypruden pic

Amy Pruden

Technical Assoc. Director
W. Thomas Rice Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Associate Dean and Director of Interdisciplinary Graduate Education, Graduate School

Research Interests: Applied environmental microbiology, antibiotic resistance genes as emerging contaminants, opportunistic pathogens in premise plumbing, environmental implications of nanotechnology, biomolecular tools, sustainable water infrastructure, microbiome of the built environment.

tpruitt pic

Tonya Pruitt

NanoEarth Assistant Director

NanoEarth Role:
Tonya is the initial contact for NanoEarth visitors and serves as a liaison with center staff. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of NanoEarth.

sowers pic

Bill Reynolds

NCFL Facility Director
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Research interests:
Physical metallurgy, phase transformations, thermodynamics, microscopy.


Madeline E. Schreiber

Professor of Hydrogeosciences and Associate Department Head, Geosciences

Research interests:
Hydrogeology, contaminant transport in aquifers, trace element cycling in natural waters, karst hydrology.

ya peng pic

Peter Vikesland

Technical Assoc. Director
Nick Prillaman Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research interests:
Development of nanomaterial enabled sensing technologies for abiotic and biotic environmental contaminant detection. Expertise in environmentally friendly nanomaterial synthesis and characterization.

Susette Sowers

Susette Sowers

NCFL Accounts and Building Access

Primary Role:
Susette manages billing for work completed at the NCFL for NanoEarth users. She also works with NanoEarth grant recipients to make travel arrangments.



vikesland pic

Ya Peng Yu

NanoEarth and NCFL Instrument Specialist

Primary Role:
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) operation including site specific sample preparation, EBSD, EDS mapping, 3D electron microscopy.