NanoEarth (the National Center for Earth and Environmental Nanotechnology Infrastructure) hosted a booth at the annual Virginia Tech (VT) Science Festival on Saturday, November 12th. The Virginia Tech Center for Educational Networks and Impacts (CENI) organizes this free and public event to showcase the idea that “science is bigger than you think” to K – 12 age groups. Reaching over 4000 visitors, families, school field trips, and VT students engage in hands-on activities, watch interactive demonstrations, and have meaningful conversations with scientists.  

NanoEarth has participated in the festival each year, excluding the limited 2020 virtual event.  This year, NanoEarth Diversity and Outreach Coordinator, Sylvianne Velasquez, and Virginia Tech students Mikun Adewole, Zachary Aycock, and Cecelia Wood worked with participants of all ages. Students and their families learned about hydrophobic nano-sand, water resistant nano-coated fabric, and ferrofluid in United States paper currency. Individuals took home coloring sheets made by MIT.nano and Nanooze, kid friendly magazines written by the Cornell Nanoscale Facility