The Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library hosted The National Center for Earth and Environmental Infrastructure (NanoEarth) for their March Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Night at the Blacksburg Library. The evening session brought in 10 adult and 15 youth library patrons. Led by NanoEarth’s Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Sylvianne Velasquez, Virginia Tech (VT) Nanoscience and Chemistry Senior Clayton Lundberg, and VT Chemical Engineering Senior Mikun Adewole, attendees learned about nanoscience through interactive experiences. Velasquez discussed silicone nano properties while guests made shapes with kinetic sand and dunked hydrophobic nano sand into water. Lundberg had participants analyze a nitinol spring returning to its original shape when heated after being bent, while they tried the same with regular aluminum springs. Adewole encouraged patrons to examine two sets of fabric and place water droplets onto them. They learned that one fabric had nano properties to make it water resistant while the other did not. Adewole also discussed ferrofluid and its magnetic properties while participants tested out the magnetic forces on US dollar bills and samples of ferrofluid. Adult and youth library patrons received NanoEarth stickers, Cornell Nanoscale Facility’s (CNF) Nanooze magazines, VT College of Science drawstring bags, and MIT.nano coloring sheets to commemorate their experiences.

Special thanks to Alyssa Carpenter, Library Children Specialist of the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library System, for providing several photos of the event