Syndicated radio producer Jim Metzner (multiple radio media major-award winner, plus multiple NSF, Grammy Foundation, and Fulbright grants) produces NanoEarth sponsored Pulse of the Planet radio shows. These Pulse of the Planet radio shows are about nanoenvironmental research and environmental nanoscience and engineering in general. These shows are nationally distributed on NPR radio and as a podcast on Stitcher and iTunes. The radio audience for weekday broadcasts of Pulse of the Planet is estimated to be 220,000 listeners, heard over about 264 stations nationwide, and on Armed Forces Radio. On Stitcher and iTunes outlets, several NanoEarth-sponsored shows have surpassed 100,000 downloads!

Pulse of the Planet Programs

Linsey Marr

Charles P. Lunsford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech

Fullerenes: The places where engineered nanomaterials - like Fullerenes - are being manufactured have the potential for the highest exposure to people of toxic materials. 
Winter's Unwanted Guest: Having a humidifier in your house may reduce the chances of getting the flu. 
Paul Schroeder Clay
It Comes in Many Guises
A Trojan Horse Made of Clay
Windows to the Past