Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory at Pacific Northwest National Lab


NanoEarth has established a partnership with EMSL at PNNL to direct users whose specific needs may be better met by their state of the art facilities.

EMSL’s mission as a national scientific user facility is to lead molecular-level discoveries for the Department of Energy and its Office of Biological and Environmental Research that translate to predictive understanding and accelerated solutions for national energy and environmental challenges.

EMSL's unparalleled collection of experts, advanced instrumentation and state-of-the-art facilities can help scientists gain a predictive understanding of the molecular-to-mesoscale processes in climate, biological, environmental and energy systems. These advancements are critical to development of sustainable solutions to the nation's energy and environmental challenges.


The scientific capabilities at EMSL include:

  1. A variety of NMR-based instruments, including next-generation sequencing platforms,
  2. Atomic force, confocal, fluorescence, and FTIR microscopes,
  3. Cryo and environmental transmission electron microscopes (TEM),
  4. Scanning electron microscopes (SEM),
  5. Environmental focused ion beam (FIB), Ion Etching,
  6. Atom probe tomography, electron microprobe, electron spectrometers,
    high resolution EELS and XPS,
  7. X-ray computed tomography (XCT),
  8. Multiple mass spectrometers,
  9. A 3.4 petaflop computing system
    and much more.